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Countertop Performance
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Important Considerations:

  • How much planning to spend?
  • Seeking a custom, one-of-a-kind design?
  • Ever want to use more than just a sponge to clean up?

Kitchen layout and design trends reflect contemporary lifestyles. With today’s smaller living and dining areas, the countertop is the hub of a modern home. It’s where family and friends just naturally gather. So it makes sense to choose a countertop that’s easy on the eyes, inviting to the touch, and will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday living.

There’s never been a better time than now to buy premium, custom countertops for your kitchen or bathroom. In a recent report on countertops, Consumer Reports stated that with so many stylish and strong materials currently available, choice is just a matter of taste, budget and performance.

Choosing new countertops is about determining:

  • The look you’re after
  • In a material you can live with
  • At a price you’re willing to pay


If you like:

Then choose:

Man-made materials
Natural materials

Consistent color

A naturally varied appearance
and character

“Green,” sustainable products

Decorative inlays, borders, or trims

An integral sink

Corian® / solid surface, Laminate, Icestone®
Granite, Everlife™ granite, natural quartz, exotic wood
Corian® / solid surface, natural quartz, laminate, Icestone®

Granite, Everlife™ granite, exotic wood

Corian® / solid surface, natural quartz, exotic wood, Icestone®

Corian® / solid surface

Corian® / solid surface


If you don’t want to worry about:
Then choose:
Staining (without regular sealing)

Burn marks or scratches

Care and maintenance beyond soap and water

Kids or the elderly
Everlife™ granite, natural quartz or
solid surface

Granite, Everlife™ granite, or natural quartz

Everlife™ granite, natural quartz or
solid surface

Any material with the corners rounded


The cost of new countertops is a function of the:

  • Type and quality of material
  • Edge treatment
  • Backsplash material and design
  • Custom features (inlays, borders, trim, etc.)
  • Difficulty of installation

Peace of Mind

Pay careful attention to manufacturers’ warranties:

  • Everlife™ granite countertops are protected by a 15 year stain resistance and material integrity warranty.
  • Most natural quartz and solid surface manufacturers offer a ten-year warranty

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